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The Llanrwst Town Council is one of over 730 town and community councils across Wales and is one of the 33 local councils within the County of Conwy.

The Town Council has powers to deliver some local authority services directly, where these are viable and in the best interests of the community. In addition, we have important roles in terms of representing the views, needs and aspirations of our whole community and from time to time, bringing influence and pressure to bear on a range of statutory bodies and other organisations and businesses to carry out their duties and functions in a manner which meets the needs of those we serve.

We have a close and very positive working relationship with the Conwy County Borough Council who provide the majority of local authority services in our area.

The Town Council is consulted by a range of organisations on issues which affect our community and we seek always to consider how these will impact on local people. Whenever possible, we seek their views and reflect them in the formal responses we make.

With this general approach, the Town Council has published a statement of its aims and objectives, as follows:

  • To protect, improve and enrich the quality of life and opportunities for those we serve
  • To protect and improve our environment
  • To protect and promote the character and identity of our town and local environs, our rich culture, heritage and language
  • To effectively represent the needs, wishes and aspirations of those we serve and, so far as we are able, to turn those aspirations into reality.  
  • To ensure that future local place and development plans and service changes or developments proposed by other bodies reflect the needs and circumstances of our community and its constituent neighbourhoods
  • In all we do, to be a “listening Council” and to act in a manner which is inclusive, promotes pride in our town and area and demonstrates our own authority, competence and dedication.

As a Town Council, we have relatively modest means and assets. However, we seek, always, to balance being reactive to issues with being “agile” in terms of identifying and pursuing opportunities.

Some of our key activities include:

  • Providing and maintaining flower beds / baskets / planters
  • Maintenance of bus shelters
  • Managing the Town Market and the day to day use of Ancaster Square.
  • Working with the Conwy Valley Flood Partnership in developing and maintaining a community flood plan
  • Redevelopment of the Almshouses
  • Organising / supporting special events for the Town
  • Provision of the Town’s Christmas Tree and lights
  • Considering and commenting upon all planning applications / development proposals registered for properties and locations within our area
  • Maintaining the Town’s two official clocks
  • Donations to worthy local causes and institutions
  • Annual Sixth Form Prize, Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy
  • Management of The Charity of Richard James (The Crafnant Trust) & The Charity of Sir John Wynne of Gwydyr


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